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iPad Lettering for Beginners Video Course

​​​​​​​Learn how to create beautiful, complex hand lettered artwork using the iPad, Apple Pencil and the Procreat App! 

In this course we cover...

+ Lesson 1: Welcome & Tools You'll Need
+ Lesson 2: The Ultimate Guide to the Procreate App
  • 2.1: Intro To Procreate: Gallery & Canvas Interface 
  • 2.2: Using Procreate: Actions & Gestures
  • 2.3: Basics of Procreate Brushes: Paint, Smudge & Erase
  • 2.4: Procreate Brushes: A Few of My Favorites
  • 2.5: Importing Custom Procreate Brushes
  • 2.6: Using Procreate: Color
  • 2.7: Using Procreate: Layers
  • 2.8: Using Procreate: Image Adjustments
  • 2.9: Using Procreate: Selection & Transform
+ Lesson 3: Start Lettering!
  • 3.1: Basics: Creating a Hand-Lettered Piece in Procreate 
  • 3.2: Adding Basic Details: Highlights & Shadows
  • 3.3: Adding Advanced Details: Textures and Images
  • 3.4: Exporting & Sharing Your Artwork
+ Lesson 4: 3D Lettering Techniques
  • 4.1: Adding Dimension and Depth
  • 4.2: Intertwined Lettering
  • 4.3: Adding Lettering to 3D Environments
+ Lesson 5: Your Class Project
  • The course ends with a class project: creating your own hand-lettered Instagram quote! 
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